Friday, 21 September 2012

bullying is more than a school problem

what people don't know, is bullying is a bigger problem than  they take it for. People don't realize that, todays kids, could be tomorrows criminals. What if the next president was bullied? If it was bad enough, they might do something cruel towards another country. That could start, yet, another war! Medieval times. The social classes consist of the king, the nobles, the lesser knights, and the serfs/ peasants. The peasants were considered to be at the bottom of the social classes. Even before bullying was invented, it was around!! Christianity. When it came into the world, they put up lie after lie about anyone that wasn't Christian!! People were burned and killed for being part of a different religion, mostly women and children!! Do you really want this to happen again! I don't think so!
Apparently, if there was a giant solar flare that came in our direction, it could knock out our electricity on the entire planet for months, maybe years!! The whole world would be in chaos! Friends against friends, family against family, cannibalism could become the most well known path of survival!! There's that, or, we could have peace, and instead of chaos, we could help each other thrive. Bullying may not seem like a big problem, but if we can stoop bullying, we can solve world hunger and stop wars! So, yea, it is a big deal! Help stop it, whether you're old or young, you can help!

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