Friday, 28 September 2012

Hachi: the tale of a dog

I have watched the safest movie in the world , and lived. It's about a dog who is found as a puppy by someone,(who's name has slipped my mind), and has a chinese letter on his collar. The number was 8, or, hachi. I don't wan' to ruin a lot. So here is what I will tell you. The owner dies, and Hachi waits for him to come home for nine years for him to come home... But he never does. At the end, let's just stay they do reunite... It got me to think about our modern society. With the wars, the hate, and bullying. That strong type of loyalty is near impossible to find. It needs to stop... That's why I do what I'm doing. Thanks to all who support my blog, or even have even looked at it.

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