Sunday, 11 November 2012

New: Choice of the month

From now on, I will have a quote of the month, and a song of the month. I encourage you to send in your qoutes and suggested songs, you can find the email in one of my older posts. I'm working on a way to set up a contact page, but until then, you guys will have to do with finding the email on an old post, or even searching up Kyra-the small things:email. So go ahead and send in your suggestions, if i get enough i might change it to the choice of the week, but either way, i hope you enjoy.

This months Choices

Song of the month: Dark side by Kelly Clarkson
Dark side by Kelly Clarkson- video

Qoute of the month: "Love the Soul, be proud of the Heart." - Kyra Anderson, (your's truly)

Please think about these, and send in your suggestions.

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