Tuesday, 1 January 2013

My Choices: January-2013

Hey guys! Since its now 2013, my theme is new beginnings... Also, I'm disappointed I haven't gotten emails, so please try. Well here you are!
Quote of the Month:
Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
― Carl Bard

Song of the Month:
Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

There you are! So please send me suggestions for next month, and I'll try to get a link put on the home page, k thanks! 

A New Year, A New Perspective...

For this month, I'm going to try a new perspective on things. Instead of trying to get to understand the bullied...  I'm going to try and understand, the bullies... The first thing I understand, is how it feels. Yes... At one point in my life, I sank to their level, or should I say, your level. I was in control, I had power over the people. I made enemies, and overcame them. I was feared, and hated. It was great. I never worried, I owned my life! But for what purpose? Yes you hear people say, it's because they were bullied, wanted control, had to be center of attention and blah, blah, blah... Yes, it's true, but they don't give you full understanding do they??? Well, my reason, was that I was sick, and tired of being bullied. For once, I wanted to have complete control of my life, and not have to worry about everyone making fun of me... Yet, it wasn't worth it. They ended up figuring me out, and I resulted to threats, some empty, others not. The names got worse, I had brought to much unwanted attention to myself. They knew I wasn't a fast thinker, and that I couldn't come up with any defense fast enough. So by the end of the grade, I was beaten... It was grade seven for me... In grade in grade eight, me and my friends compared my school photos for grade six and seven, both were bad... In grade six, I was innocent, pretty, and had a certain twinkle in my eye, and you could see I was happy. Then we looked at my grade seven photo... I had circles under my eyes from less sleep, bags from stress, I slumped forward, a fake smile on my face, and I had a dull look in my eyes... I'm really glad I stopped...  Eventually, I realized that it didn't matter who I was... I was just easy to get to, so I stopped trying to be someone else, and walked with my head high. I wouldn't deny who I was, but I wouldn't let them tease me either. I stood up for myself, yes, I still had bad habits of throwing some empty threats when I felt necessary, but I became closer to my friends... Now I hope you realize it's not always the true nature of ones self when they're a bully, but more of a reason tht only makes sense to themselves... Happy new year, and I hope you guys stay with me...