Friday, 8 February 2013

Family Day

Here in Canada, we have a holiday called, Family Day. So it's time to enjoy your family on this monday. Yet, for some people, family holds them back. Maybe you are different, maybe, you are sucked in, but people know you could have so much more potential! Some people dont have a family. Any of these reasons could be just another thing for a bully to tease and taunt you about, but more than likely, these reasons are why they are a bully. I know how it feels to not belong in your family. It makes you want to cry some times, and break some glass the others. I like to write to vent my anger, but others might not have anything to vent their anger out on, at least, until they can find something "wrong' with someone else. They like to make others feel bad so they dont seem so bad in compared circumstances. I'm no psychologist, but anger makes people do things they normally wouldn't do. Yes, I feel bad for the victim, but doesn't mean I don't feel kinda sorry for the person who's causing all the trouble. I mean, if they were your friend, wouldn't you try to comfort them? yet, since they act the way they do, they probably don't have any true friends who they can trust. It's kind of sad... These people will most likely sit at home or be taken to something they mortally hate! If it were me, I would try and ask them if they were actually doing anything for Family Day, if they say no, I might suggest a good movie for them to watch, or maybe a restuarant that they could suggest to their family to eat at. Anyways, I hope you see my point. Be kind and fair to the bullies who dont have anyone. Who knows? Maybe, they might become your friend and change. For the better of themselves, and everyone else around them.

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