Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"'Murica, home of the ongoing battle"

In case you didn't know, in, "Murica", there is an ongoing fight with and against gay marriage. I'm Canadian, and understand that, yes, gay marriage can seem... Different. Being straight, I can't imagine what it's like to be oppressed like that! I may not be American, but I'm sure that some of you are. Some say gay marriage is wrong, I respect your opinion, but now I ask that you respect people for who they are. Equality is possible, do you not want that? I have a few bi friends, an it would b horrible living in America where thy can't get married at the moment. One  of them is not doing too well as is. Cutting and attempting suicide, you can't take away love from her! She may not have found her "1", but if he does and can't marry them... What does she have to live for? So, yes, I am full  on supporting gay marriage. What is it Americans stand for? Freedom?  Then stop oppressing love! Do the world a favor, be good guys and gals, help the dream of so many become reality...

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