Monday, 1 April 2013

First reader story: My Life Story - Ivy

         Thank you to Ivy for sending me her story to share with you, people of the world. Said in her own words, here is Ivy's story.

         Now it all started on my first day of kindergarten. I was really nice to everyone but all the girls hated me, but at that age i didn't notice. Kindergarten was awesome exept the day all the girls/boys from grade3-5 shouted poison ivy everyday. Then one day my sister had a music practice, I don't know, but I was waiting for her becauseI had to walk home with her. Again all the boys and girls came up and started throwing pinecones at me, they didn't aim for the face so there was no bruises but it still hurt. :GRADE ONE, I didn't mind it but it was a lot more work, and I started to notice I had sensitive ears, (kids breathing at circle time=death no kidding!!!!).
        Grade two I don't really remember but GRADE 3/2 BULLYING STARTED, besides the incident in kindergarten. First they started with name calling, they called me stupid, dumb, poison ivy, etc. Grade 4, no friends at all, I was all alone to rot away. Then a girl named Morgan came and I made sure I made her my friend in a flash and were still friends to this day. Grade 5 was okay. The bully was definitely still there, so just a normal year for me, but I started to play a game called zombie tag and someone that I played it with, (lets call him the nicest guy eva for short), NGE. Now NGE and I started to be almost a group in zombie tag, then a few people fell and got hurt so it was banned. But in the timespan NGE and I played, he sang to me. (?) I don't know why, but he sang Don't you forget about me from the breakfast club, and I knew it so, I sang it with him. It was the best moment at my old school ever.
         In that year I thought about suicide and not living. I hated my life and didn't want to live, so I moved schools and now in grade 6 I'm at a new school and I'm happy my friends are Dane, my 4 friends named Meagan, Morgan, and Kyra. That's my story.

  Thank you Ivy, for giving me this story, and if anyone else has a story to share, please, send it to me. You can find my email on the readers info page, and the choice of being nameless is yours. Please, help the world learn. Thank you.

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