Monday, 1 April 2013

Reader thoughts: Veronica

Thank you Veroica for sending me your thoughts on bullying.

        Bullying its a major problem. I have dealt with it a lot, and what is weird is that people only take action when something big happens. It's like someone has to die for there to be any action taken ,otherwise it's forgotten, not talked about with kids, or anyone for that matter. I think people  just talk about whether someone has committed suicide or not. Is that all people care about?
       Like, they think that bullying just stops until someone does commit suicid. No, it never stops. Maybe for a few seconds when your giving a lecture or an assembly about bullying and something that has recently happened at your school, but bullying is still happening somewhere else in the world. Not caring, not thinking about what they are doing, no remorse for their actions, just doing the act of bullying.
        Maybe instead of just punishing bullies, we should take better care of them. What if at home something is wrong? Like what if they're getting beat, or being called a mistake, or sexually harassed? Then what? Calling their parents and saying so and so did this, do they think thats going to help? Or are they just taking action, (fake action), to make it look like they care for the kids on both sides. The bullies, and the bullied.

Thank you Veronica for your exellent point on the matter. I hope everyone who reads this will think about what goes on in peoples lives.

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